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Top Tips to help you get back to school!

Forgotten PE Kits, hastily gathered together food tech ingredients, lost art sketchbooks… It doesn't have to be that way! September marks the start of a new year and a great opportunity to start new routines. Here at EducatedLondon we have some tips to help you get ready for the new term!


Get a copy of your child's timetable, what lessons do they have each week? This way you will be able to keep track of books and resources they might need. Sticking a copy of on their bedroom walls will help them pack their bags the night before.


Whether it is an old fashioned paper diary or a digital online calendar having a planner for you and your children is the key to success!

Most schools have a homework schedule, get the kids to write in this down in advance so they know what to expect and when.

Schools also publish a calendar with key milestones such as exam week, assessments and other events. Putting those in the diary will make sure you’re prepared!


Growing bodies and growing minds need good fuel, if like us, breakfast in your house is whirlwind event, make sure that you send them off with a healthy snack to eat at break time such as a bagel or a yogurt with granola, this way they are less likely to go for the sugar laden, greasy treats in the canteen. The school day is ‘morning heavy,’ most lessons happen before 1pm! Not eating til lunchtime means that children don’t have the energy to concentrate in those lessons! As teachers the lesson before lunch is always a tricky one as you can tell that they are hungry!


It’s surprising but so much valuable learning happens outside the classroom. Whether it be a sporting activity such as gymnastics and swimming, or an academic society such as debating or Young Enterprise extracurricular activities will give your kids skills, experience and confidence that can’t always be learnt in a classroom.


We're all emerging from 6 months of lockdown, teachers included. Early mornings, travelling, socialising will eventually take its toll. That Autumn term is the longest with most schools only having one week off before Christmas. It’s important to keep up some of those more mindful lockdown activities so that they and you don’t burn out before half term!!

Get a tutor!!

Tutoring can help bridge the gap between school and online learning. A highly, experienced tutor will support and guide your child's learning. Help fill in the gaps, refine knowledge and perfect exam technique.

As teachers ourselves we know just how difficult it is to give every child detailed feedback or one to one support. This is where a tutor is key - working with your child to build on their strengths and to help improve those weaknesses and importantly help develop your child's confidence in the classroom and in those all-important exams.

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