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A never ending summer?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

With almost five months of lockdown and the summer vacation, it feels like we have had a never ending Summer! This ordinarily would be great, if you knew what came next... however, for many lockdown has created a period of uncertainty - what will school or university look like in September? If you are feeling a little anxious about how to prepare for University, or the new term ahead but can't face picking up a text book or revising, don't fear we are here to give you some ideas... There are many things that you can be doing to get you ready for September, but don't worry they don't all involve reading!

1. Museums and galleries

Many museums and galleries will begin to open up in July and August, but it is important to check which ones will be open and when... there is a guide to London here. Check out a gallery or an exhibition related to your course. If this isn't posssible, you can visit these galleries virtually, venues such as the British Museum and V&A Museum have virtual exhibitions!

2. Documentaries

Now is the time to Netflix and learn! There are SO many documentaries available on Netflix and streaming sites such as BBC IPlayer and Channel 4OD. Use this time to watch a documentary about a completely unrelated subject! Documentary Heaven is also fantastic... there are literally thousands of documentaries available... Link here

3. Learn a new skill

Sites such as Udemy and Skill share are great for getting expert advice and tips or an insider view into an industry. From photography to advertising to illustration there is a course out there for you... One of my students is off to study marketing next year at University and has been taking a course on digital marketing - this seems quite apt at the moment!

4. Podcasts

If your a business, economics, marketing, or management student the Wondery podcast (available Here) is excellent! There are literally thousands of podcasts that you from Science, to fashion to the Arts... you can listen to them for hours.

5. Guided walks around your City/area

A guided walk is an excellent way finding out more about your local area - there are some great links here.

6. Orientering

Find an old fashioned map and compass, turn your phone off and see if you can get from A-B!

7. Learn to put up a tent!

Great for practising those Duke of Edinburgh skills or for getting those festival vibes... putting up a tent is a skill for life!

8. Cook a 5 course meal for your family or friends

Plan a menu, go shopping and ready, steady... cook!

9. Go shopping on a 'student budget'

This will be a good contrast to cooking a 5 course meal and great preparation for uni life!

10. Read!

If all else fails, read! Check out the reading list for your university course or see if your school has one and start working your way through them! Here is a great reading list for all those Economists out there! Also great for Business, Sociology, Humanities....

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